Note: Thank you everyone for all of the amazing birthday wishes yesterday. I got all kinds of goose bumpy :)

Wow! So launching these t-shirts only took me about a year but finally they’re here and I for one could not be more excited!

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for them since posting a few pictures on “The Book” and “The Gram” a little while back but I’ve finally got around to making them available to the LimitlessCOMMUNITY.

If you’re not interested in reading the rest of this article and just want to pick up the official IAM Limitless t-shirt you can check it out here. I guarantee it will make you run faster, jump higher, do sick parkour, read books at lightening speeds, and help you move objects with your mind…

Ok, I can’t guarantee any of those things but I do promise it’s the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever where in your life. Don’t believe me?

“This is the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever worn.” -Anthony T.

“Justin, thanks for the shirt. It’s so comfortable. When are we playing hoops again?” - President Obama

“This shirt got me stoked to perform. I like the gray one for performance and the blue one to chill in after a concert.” -Justin Timberlake 

* Those last two are totally not true
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SUCCESS STORY: Meet Adrienne! 50 pounds in 8 months. A new body and new mindset


Man it’s cool to hear about awesome people doing awesome things! Today I’d like to introduce you to Adrienne and her awesome (ok, way to many uses of the word awesome in such a short period of time) success story.

Adrienne emailed me a few months back and told me about her amazing transformation. I’m so happy that she has allowed me to share her story with you today.

In this interview Adrienne teaches us:

  • Just how important creating time for your health is, especially if you have a busy and hectic schedule.
  • The importance of preparation and how to commit to a healthy schedule.
  • Why simplification is a key component of success and how you can do it.
  • How you can make a dramatic physical transformation even if exercise is NOT an option.
  • Why the way you talk to yourself is highly underrated.

So without further ado I give you Adrienne and her wonderful (not awesome) success story.

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I see it far to often. Someone comes in to the gym and does one of few things.

  • Hops on a bike, treadmill, or elliptical for 5-10 minutes and then hits the weights.
  • Walks right back to the weight room and starts cranking out sets (or for you Crossfitters jumps right into a WOD)
  • Sends a couple of texts, plays a game of Candy Crush, twists their body around a bit and then gets into a workout. Usually still texting, playing Candy Crush, and twisting their body around randomly. Sort of looks like this.

Todays post is inspired by you. Well, maybe not you specifically – but I’ve received a few emails asking how to warm up properly so that you can avoid injury and maximize performance and time while in the gym (or where ever you workout).

Most people don’t take warming up seriously enough and some don’t even schedule it into their workout. Well lucky for you, I’ve got my serious face on today – I call it “Blue Serious.”

So now that you’re reading muscles are all warmed up from this intro…

See what I did there :)

Lets do this dang thing shall we?

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All In...

Raise your hand if you’re hard on yourself. Yup, my hands raised too – which makes it pretty impressive that I’m still typing don’t you think?

I’ve always been like that and chances are you’ve always been like that too. I want to be the best, to be perfect, to be flawless, to never make a mistake. I have to be great at everything that I do and if I’m not, one of three things happens depending on where my heads at that day.

  • I won’t do it or never get started
  • I get obsessive compulsive and shut down all other areas of my life until this one thing is perfect
  • Or I beat myself up about not being perfect.

Note: Most of the time it’s number two.

However, over the last few years I’ve progressively become better at dealing with this all-or nothing attitude that’s manifested in my pursuit for perfection. I’m not quit there yet as it’s still a work in progress but I’m hoping what’s written below will be some benefit to you.

Whether it be:

  • All or nothing nutrition
  • All or nothing exercise
  • All or nothing job/career
  • All or nothing relationships
  • All or nothing personal finances
  • All or nothing (fill in you own blank)

Keep reading if you’re all-in…. yup, I just went there.

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