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Most people have been conditioned to eat a certain way for several years or even their entire lifetime. So, as with any type of change there will be a bit of challenge. However, a Paleo nutritional approach presents no more of a challenge than any other nutritional approach. In fact, after experiencing the wonderful results provided only through a Paleo diet, most people embrace the experience and challenges.

With that being said here are four common challenges (and ways to steps to overcome them) that most people encounter when adopting a Paleo way of life.

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I’ve put myself through trial and error, test after test, and have essentially experimented with every exercise program and method you can imagine so that you don’t have to. When learning about fitness the process needs to be simplified but also must produce results. With so much information (some good, some not so much) it can be overwhelming and paralyzing.

You end up on your ass trying to figure out exactly how to exercise correctly more than you end up exercising. Then, when you do find something that seems to be right, a new study comes out about why it’s not. Geezy-peezy, give me a break!

Fitness is actually pretty simple believe it or not. You just have to tune out the bullsh*t and turn up the good-sh*t!

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Becoming aware of your nutritional habits and changing them can be quite the lifestyle makeover. Pat yourself on the back for picking up this guide and taking the first step forward towards living a much healthier life.

Before you get your sexy on it’s important to really make sure you’re ready. Below are a few questions I’d like for you to ask yourself and answer in the spaces provided. This is an important step towards reaching your goals. Many of us want to make progress but might not necessarily be willing to make the behavioral changes that it takes. This will help you dial it in and figure it out.

Heads up – some of these questions might be pretty personal and tough to answer. You got this!

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So truth be told I’m not exactly Bobby Flay in the kitchen but every once in a while a miracle happens and I’m able to make something outside of my standard grass-fed beef, mixed veggies, and coconut oil go to meal.

When I need a little meal variety I call on my home girl Dailia for some kitchen inspiration. She also takes care of the cool photos that you see here. My photography skills do not extend past my iPhone 5.

If you’ve been following the site for a while now you know that I often write long, detailed, and well researched articles. Every time I write a post my goal is for you to say “Damn, I don’t need to look anywhere else to answer my questions.”

Well today is not one of those posts. Instead, you’ll be getting a quick and easy recipe so that you can take some guess work out of how to eat healthier.

Limitless has existed for almost three years now and I’ve been fighting every email asking me to include recipes on the site. Luckily I’ve got some great people I can ask to help me out with this NEW and exciting section of the site. I’m super stoked to release the first of what I hope will be many AWESOMEsauce recipes to come.

So without further ado, I give you how to make huevos rancheros with green beans
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