How you can be more consistent: Consistency over intensity

Let me know if this has ever happened to you before. 

I’m about to start something new.

  • A hobby
  • Diet
  • Exercise program
  • Relationship
  • Job

It could really be a host of things. I come out like a bat out of hell. I’m so excited to get started, I’m reading everything I can related to the “new” thing and I’m buying up any resources I might need.

  • Supplements
  • Gear
  • Clothes
  • You name it and I’m on it. I’m ALL IN baby!

Then it happens…

Two weeks later I’m ALL OUT baby! I’m either burn’t out, no time, other stuff has come up, this happened, that happened, someone else is to blame, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Insert excuses right here ______________________.

A few weeks ago I started practicing Yoga again (mostly to spend time with a cute girl) but hey, I’m doing it right? Turns out I really enjoy it. I’ve already noticed so many benefits.

My big fear is that I won’t be able to stay consistent with it long enough to continue to see these benefits.

So I got to thinking. How can I make sure I’m consistent with it?

You probably already know what needs to be done to achieve the results that you’re after but it’s failing to execute those things consistently enough to see those results that is holding you back.

I’ve been taking a look at other areas of my life where I’ve displayed consistency and using some of the success stories on Limitless to see what they did to stay consistent (thanks all).

I even read a frick’n book about it.

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What does it take to do anything well?

Man, that seems like a loaded question doesn’t it?

I don’t know about you but there have been MANY occasions where I’ve thought to myself, and even worse actually said things to myself like:

  • I never do anything right
  • Damn, I’m such a sh*itty writer. My grammar and punctuation sucks!
  • There’s no way I’ll ever be able to do this.
  • I’m just too busy to worry about even trying that right now.

Maybe you’ve told yourself what a poor student you are. How you’ll never be good at this subject or that subject. Or maybe you’re a parent and are second guessing your parental skills.

Or just maybe you’re stuck in a plateau on your health and wellness journey and keep thinking to yourself that it’s pointless to even try anymore.

All of these thoughts, words, and expressions are not unique to you. We’ve all been there, said this, thought that, and have had similar experiences. The on key difference between those that are able to push through these things and those that do not is the way respond to them.

There’s good news, you can learn to respond more positively to these things today.

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How to make getting started not so overwhelming

A few Sundays ago I tried some acting for the first time. Just reading scripts in a small setting with a few people, maybe about 15-20 of us. I have zero acting experience and have never read a script in my life. Everyone else there was a director, producer, writer, actor, or had some other experience in the field.

I was sure I was going to ruin this for everyone else there. Here comes the new guy with no experience f*cking it up for everyone. I was so nervous sitting in my group of four with an experienced director in front of us explaining how he wanted the scene to play out. I’m pretty certain a little dabble of pee came out of me and trickled down my leg that’s how scared I was.

I was so afraid I was going to mess up my lines, do it all wrong, and just screw up the entire night not only for myself but for everyone that was involved.

All these negative thoughts almost kept me from participating. I was ready to leave, even had it all planned out. I could say I needed to go to the bathroom and just bolt for the door, never to return again. I could save myself the embarrassment of having to GET STARTED with something new.

It was the perfect plan. I was so overwhelmed by my thoughts that one of the best experience of my life could have never taken place.

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Man oh man, I can’t believe there is only one week to go. The Limitless365 Fitness Program will finally be released next Monday and I for one am stoked beyond belief.

This project as been an on and off work in progress for the last two years but because of the Limitless community and your support I’ve been able to work hard these last six months to finish this bad boy up.

Many of you have been kind enough to email me questions, answer surveys, or hop on the phone with me to discuss many of the problems that you face when trying to achieve Limitless Health and I’ve finally finished what I am confident will be a perfect product to help you achieve just that.

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