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Raise your hand if you’re hard on yourself. Yup, my hands raised too – which makes it pretty impressive that I’m still typing don’t you think?

I’ve always been like that and chances are you’ve always been like that too. I want to be the best, to be perfect, to be flawless, to never make a mistake. I have to be great at everything that I do and if I’m not, one of three things happens depending on where my heads at that day.

  • I won’t do it or never get started
  • I get obsessive compulsive and shut down all other areas of my life until this one thing is perfect
  • Or I beat myself up about not being perfect.

Note: Most of the time it’s number two.

However, over the last few years I’ve progressively become better at dealing with this all-or nothing attitude that’s manifested in my pursuit for perfection. I’m not quit there yet as it’s still a work in progress but I’m hoping what’s written below will be some benefit to you.

Whether it be:

  • All or nothing nutrition
  • All or nothing exercise
  • All or nothing job/career
  • All or nothing relationships
  • All or nothing personal finances
  • All or nothing (fill in you own blank)

Keep reading if you’re all-in…. yup, I just went there.

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A few months ago I asked some of you crazies what is something you’d like to know, overcome, dominate, or experience. The other day I was sifting through some of those responses and came across this question from one of you.

“How can I make it easier for me to make big decisions and changes in my life. There are some things I really want to achieve in life but I’m having a tough time making the decisions and changes and necessary for me to accomplish those things.”

Odds are you’ve probably already made some pretty huge decisions in your life.

  • College
  • Changed careers
  • Got married
  • Had kids
  • Bought a house

Some of them may have felt difficult while others may have come naturally. The point is that you made them and you’re still here today reading this post.

In today’s episode of Limitless365TV I’ll be going over some strategies that I’ve personally used to make some of the biggest decisions in life and talk about how you can use them to do the same.

Such as:

  • Leaving safety and security in a previous job
  • Dropping everything and traveling around the world

Some highlight from the show:

  • :50- You’ve probably already made big decisions. How you can look to those for guidance.
  • 1:20- A personal story from me that required a little guts and grit to make a big change and big decision.
  • 1:55- How others can serve to inspire you to make big decisions.
  • 2:40- Tim Ferriss and the worst case scenario strategy.
  • 3:55- The single book that has and the most impact on my life thus far.
  • 5:20- The 2nd last thing :P

Enough of the jibba-jabba. Lets jump on into this things shall we?

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Extra reading and resources for this video:

What big decisions are you mulling over and how can I help you figure it out? Post to the comments below or contact me directly.

Do you have a question you’d like answered on L365TV? Send an message in a bottle my way.

Live Limitless,




One of the most popular poets of his time, William Cowper is credited with the quote “Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

Most of Cowper’s work came from his and others real experiences in everyday life. In my opinion the more experiences you can have the better life story you’ll be able to create for yourself.

I’m one of those folks that gets bored easily so Cowper’s quote really resonates with me. This leads to me constantly chasing variety in my life. The positive in this is that it allows for a lot of amazing and new experiences. The downside is that I never really master one thing and often feel overwhelmed trying to pursue so may different interests. This feeling sometimes causes me to stay stagnant, pursuing nothing at all because I can’t decide what I want to do next.

Too many choices and I simply freeze up.

One area of my life that doesn’t contain a lot of variety is my approach to nutrition. I typically eat the same 2-3 meals over and over again until I get sick on them. Once this occurs I move on to a new set of 2-3 meals and repeat.

14 years ago when I really started to make my health a priority I thought that I needed a bunch of different recipes to establish some healthier eating habits. What I ended up doing was making the process way more complicated for myself than it actually needed to be.

I struggled with deciding what to make next, what foods I needed to buy at the grocery store, and finding the time to actually make all the recipes. Eventually I became frustrated and just gave up.

It was then I realized that if I was going to create healthier habits I needed to simplify the process. You see, when you try to make big changes in your life it usually isn’t as simple as it initially appears to be.

My first thought when trying to eat healthier.

  • Step 1: Eat these foods – Don’t eat these
  • Step 2: Repeat this process over and over.

Easy right?

Well it should have been, except I’m a human being and we’re really good at making the simple very complicated.

What I found was that in-between those two simple steps were a bunch of new habits I was going to have to pick up. Trying to eat healthier meant I was grocery shopping more, cooking more, doing more dishes, and actually having to remember to bring my meals with me. It was taking up more of my time, requiring me to use some real willpower, and simply exhausting.

Back to Mr. Cowper for a second. Yes, variety is the spice of life – within the right context. If variety is inhibiting you from getting started, establishing habits, and staying consistent then you may need another quote to live by. How about…

“The magic of life is found in the mundane.”

I’m kidding. But in all seriousness if you’re struggling with establishing healthy eating habits this post about simplifying and reducing variety is for you. So get on with yo bad self and keep reading.

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It is my belief, and a belief backed by the research of others, that happiness is a universal currency.

It is the true essence of life, and something I believe we are all in pursuit of. Everything that we do centers on the belief that those actions will create more happiness for ourselves.

  • More money
  • A bigger house
  • A new car
  • The trip around the world
  • Those new clothes
  • The perfect spouse

Materials are a means to an end, but do not guarantee you happiness. Authentic happiness lies in closing the gap between what you are capable of and what you currently do. The bigger the gap is the more stress, anxiety and unhappiness you will live with. The smaller the gap, the greater happiness you will enjoy.

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