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About once a week I get an email from someone asking a question that I feel if answered would benefit a lot of people. A few months ago I asked the LimitlessCOMMUNITY on Facebook what one of your biggest limiting factors is for not being the healthiest version of yourself.

I got a really great response on “The Book,” from someone and I asked them to send me an email to go a bit more in-depth so that I might be able to help them out at bit more.

Below is that email and some tips I know will help those of you in a similar situation.

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IAM LimitlessTV: How To Get More Mojo To Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals

Motivation by fear

A few months ago I sent out a survey to help build the LimitlessBODY Blueprint. One of the questions that I asked you was, “what is the biggest limiting factor for you when it comes to building a LimitlessBODY and LimitlessFITNESS?”

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I’m super stoked to introduce to you a good friend that I grew up with on the mean streets of Herndon, Virginia. We may live on opposite coasts but I’m happy to say that we’ve  be able to stay connected. Sherif has been an inspiration of mine as of late. In the past few years I’ve seen him choose courage over fear and live his life with authenticity.

It’s an honor to have Sherif on the site today to share how he’s been able to create a life without limits and how you can too.

So enough of my babbling. I give you Sherif.

SHERIF FOUAD, FOUNDER – Raleigh RawSherif Fouad - Raw Juice - Cold Pressed Juice - Juice bar raleigh NC

Sherif is a nutrition/health coach by day and has been a mixologist by night at some of the finest lounges in New york City, Washington DC, and most recently Raleigh NC.

Over the years, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s disease have all struck Sherif’s closest family members. Prompted by a desire to gain an accurate understanding of his family’s (and western culture’s) propensity towards degenerative diseases, he has spent over 8 years immersed in comprehensive, non-bias medical findings and case studies as they relate to the human body and genetics.

The more he understood about the positive health effects of natural organic and raw foods, the more he wanted to teach and help others, and the more conflicted and unfulfilled he felt in the cocktail slinging world of nightlife. Hence Raleigh Raw was born out of a combination of two things… a strong desire to make the world healthy and happy…. and undying love and appreciation for a well-built, balanced, proper cocktail!

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All In...

Raise your hand if you’re hard on yourself. Yup, my hands raised too – which makes it pretty impressive that I’m still typing don’t you think?

I’ve always been like that and chances are you’ve always been like that too. I want to be the best, to be perfect, to be flawless, to never make a mistake. I have to be great at everything that I do and if I’m not, one of three things happens depending on where my heads at that day.

  • I won’t do it or never get started
  • I get obsessive compulsive and shut down all other areas of my life until this one thing is perfect
  • Or I beat myself up about not being perfect.

Note: Most of the time it’s number two.

However, over the last few years I’ve progressively become better at dealing with this all-or nothing attitude that’s manifested in my pursuit for perfection. I’m not quit there yet as it’s still a work in progress but I’m hoping what’s written below will be some benefit to you.

Whether it be:

  • All or nothing nutrition
  • All or nothing exercise
  • All or nothing job/career
  • All or nothing relationships
  • All or nothing personal finances
  • All or nothing (fill in you own blank)

Keep reading if you’re all-in…. yup, I just went there.

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